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Eastborough, KS

To transform a beloved landmark while residents of the community watch is never an easy task. The City Park project also had unique challenges in the need to a.) protect existing flora and fauna on the project site----which included full grown pine, oak and maple trees providing shade to geese, ducks, rabbits and squirrels, b.) minimize disruption to high-end residential properties abutting the project and c.) protect it all from ongoing road construction occurring adjacent to the project site. All in all, this created a very tight work space.

The park features a pond, waterfalls, stream, pavilion, play area and buffer wall. Simpson Construction Services self-performed much of the work including the bridge construction, concrete, pavers, and retaining walls. The success of the project can be seen in how its new structures were carefully woven into Mother Nature’s existing landscape so that they appear to have always been present.

Award of Honor in Renovation
Presented by Associated General Contractors of Kansas

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