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Leading the Way in Healthcare Construction

With an extensive portfolio encompassing senior living facilities, hospitals, walk-in clinics, specialized medical centers, dental offices, and vision centers, Simpson Construction has a broad portfolio of healthcare project management. Our approach is marked by close collaboration with each client, recognizing the unique demands of each field and striving to deliver facilities that optimize value and cater to the needs of both staff and patients.

In the realm of medical projects, meticulous planning and coordination are paramount, necessitating seamless integration between specialty contractors and their equipment. By collaborating early on during the design phase, we can help ensure that the final product functions effectively and seamlessly integrates into the broader architectural context. Equipped with staff trained by the American Society for Health Care Engineers and possessing AHA Healthcare Construction Certification, we possess an deep understanding of the safety and regulatory standards governing this sector. This expertise not only informs our construction methodologies but also enriches our contributions to design and cost management processes. Trust Simpson Construction as your experienced and reliable partner for healthcare projects where expertise meets excellence.