When selecting a Construction Manager for the significant renovations at Brewster Place in Topeka, Kansas, their team trusted Simpson Construction. Partnering with RDG Planning & Design, our team ensured the delivery of a state-of-the-art facility while focusing on resident safety and satisfaction.

An 11,000 SF 6th-floor penthouse with six high-end apartments was added to an existing building, offering stunning new living spaces with a view. A complete renovation of 30,000 SF includes a new 1st-floor lobby with a modern kitchen, an upscale dining room, inviting living and social spaces, updated executive offices, an art center, and five new apartments on the 5th floor. The corridors and rooms on floors 2 through 4 were also renovated, with upgrades to the existing balconies and additional covered parking. Despite being a fully occupied and active building throughout the project, we ensured minimal disruptions while delivering outstanding results. These improvements have enhanced the residents' daily living experience, providing them with more comfort, convenience, and a greater sense of community.