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Prairie Health & Wellness incorporates functional medicine into traditional gynecological services. The goal of the practice is to help women heal the root cause of the disease versus simply relieving the symptoms. One way they can promote well-being is to provide a chemical-free environment for women with sensitivities.

Many materials used in the building are organic, non-toxic compounds that are safe for patients with chemical and breathing sensitivities. The wood-like floors are actually low VOC (volatile organic compounds) tiles. Natural stone and other high-end finishes are incorporated throughout the building. The primer and paint is non-toxic and won’t off-gas. Fluorescent lights, commonly used in medical practices, were replaced with LED lights throughout the clinic. Where fluorescents were essential, installation were altered to cast light above a metal grille to create an indirect source.

Award of Excellence for Design Build (2012)
Presented by Associated General Contractors of Kansas