"It takes a lot of guts and a whole lot more to build a business from scratch.” - Bob Simpson

Bryce Kuhn was born and raised in west Wichita. When he returned in the middle of a successful restaurant career, he saw a void in west side eateries. He made a vow that he would someday open his own restaurant.

His vision was an upscale take on classic American food, delivered in a fun, casual atmosphere. The bar area, Kuhn envisioned, would be a small cozy space that felt semi-private, providing a buffer from the hustle-bustle of the dining room.

In late June 2013, Twelve Restaurant & Bar opened to the public. The 5,000-square-foot space was transformed in 75 days. Kuhn’s open kitchen is designed to create an interactive dining experience. Twelve’s modern décor is accented with organic color and materials to create intimacy.

Maryland crab cakes, a drunken ribeye and baby back ribs are mainstay dishes on the seasonally changing menu. Kuhn notes that his focus is to ensure the restaurant maintains an ideal balance of atmosphere and unique menu items that keep customers visiting again and again.