Derby, KS

In 2005, St. Mary’s church leaders had created their desired plan for the 1,000-family parish and now needed a contractor to manage the build. Simpson Construction Services was hired as construction manager for the project that included a new church, Pre-K through 8th grade school and social hall. Magnificently designed, the plan lacked just one thing – funding.

When SCS joined the team, they recommended pre-construction planning to determine the project progression needed to realize the parish’s ultimate goal. The team created a phased approach, building one piece at a time over several years, and also recommended architectural changes that would provide cost-benefit without sacrificing the end product. The first phase, the Faith Center, was completed in 2006. Weekend Mass moved to the new complex and fundraising began for the school. Fast forward 5 years to the completion of the 61,000-square-foot school.

Upon opening, the new school had approximately 350 students. Designed with growth in mind, the building includes 23 classrooms, a religion room, common area, kitchen, gym, band room, library and computer lab. The band room and library also serve as FEMA shelters during emergency situations.