Catholic Care Center is a not-for-profit corporation affiliated with the Catholic Diocese of Wichita.
They are a leading provider of quality senior living and healthcare services that offer a full continuum of care. This project is an important next step in the repositioning of the Community as a whole, so that Catholic Care can continue providing superior service to their residents.

Goals for this project included modernization of the health care center, creation of more private rooms with in-suite bathrooms/showers, and conversion of an existing wing to a state-of-the-art Behavioral Health Hospital. The Redevelopment Plan includes three major phases.

Phase 1 was a major renovation of the Post-Acute Care (PACC) rehabilitation unit where we converted the PACC’s 28 beds (10 private and 18 semi-private rooms) into 18 all-private suites plus full renovation of all commons and corridors (9,900 SF). Additionally, we converted 8 rooms in the existing Whispering Brooks “south” neighborhood into 6 private rooms + associated commons (2,300 SF)

Phase 2 included a major renovation of the existing Sunflower Lane long-term memory care neighborhood (28 beds with 8 private and 10 semi-private) into 18 private suites neighborhood (9,100 SF).

In phase 3, we converted the existing Meadows 32-bed SNF unit into a 20 private-bed Behavioral Health unit with all associated commons, which requires all ligature aspects and hospital licensure. Ares include the Meadows existing space, exterior courtyard, a new connecting corridor, and new canopy at entrance, totaling 18,650 SF. This phase of the Catholic Care Center's Repositioning Project required an extremely high level of collaboration and specialized construction.

We are proud to have successfully completed these renovations and additions to the CCC campus so they can better meet the needs of seniors and retirement community residents in need of healthcare services.